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Jun 25, 2014

Meet Passionate People: The Alphabet Press

Jun 25, 2014 11:57 AM Posted by XiMnet Malaysia , , , , ,

If you have not heard about them, you better be now. The Alphabet Press is a printmaking workspace dedicated to letterpress, design and curation. We are proud to say that we may be the only contemporary letterpress printmaker in Malaysia.

We were very fortunate to be accommodated with a 2-hour sharing session with The Strategist, Cliff, and The Printmaker, Zeejay, learning what letterpress is all about.

What makes these passionate people go all in to bring letterpress into Malaysia?

"We tried to look for letterpress printers for our collateral but found none in the country. With much courage and affection to make this service available for all, we began our journey to make this dream come true."

"It was not easy," Cliff said, when asked how they manage to get three Heidelberg Press. No one is producing these machine anymore so to source for spare parts was part of the big challenge.

A lot of details and attention are given to each print out because the entire process is manual and carefully planned to ensure each piece of printing is perfectly done and we cannot agree more when Zeejay explained to us the steps involved to operate the press.

We believe the founders have gone a long way to be where they are now, and a lot more longer still. Nonetheless, the outcome of letterpress printing is unbeatable and truly unique. Keep up the good work and we wish The Alphabet Press make an impact in the local print industry.

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