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Jun 20, 2014

Building a Better Team in XiMnet

Jun 20, 2014 8:46 PM Posted by XiMnet Malaysia , ,

To move ourselves forward and achieve great success, the secret ingredient is to groom a great team.

A great team moves mountains as one. While it is not easy to keep every team member engaged, here are the things we do in order to knit ourselves closer to each other and aim for great results for our clients!

Shake Things Up

Nobody likes routine so we take the effort to shake things up every now and then. Like how you ask? Cooking Contest! Not good enough? What about Gratitude Day, #LoveAtWork, Tuesday Sharings and Music Nights? All we wish say is that, it is not about who is the boss. It's about who has got the best ideas or initiatives in mind to share.

Out-of-The-Office Day

As a creative digital agency, we understand the importance of a good environment to craft ground breaking ideas. Don't get us wrong, we’ve received many compliments on our cosy office space, but knowing our team, sometimes it is also good to hold discussions in a more casual environment, such as a cafĂ©.

In fact, we do more than that. We hold sightseeing trips as well as weekly sports sessions away from the office. These sessions keep work exciting.

Celebrate Our Success All The Time

We acknowledge our team members’ dedication and commitment in delivering a great outcome to our clients. Therefore, one way to keep everyone encouraged and appreciated is to reward each and every one of them in all possible ways. It is not always expensive but in XiMnet, we value true support - as simple as a genuine thank you to one another.

Having said all that, a strong and effective team is not built overnight. We will continue to put in time and effort in building a positive culture and a loving environment for everyone to feel loved and rewarded at work.