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Jan 31, 2012

The Alchemists Are Back!

Jan 31, 2012 11:07 AM Posted by XiMnet Malaysia , , ,
It's been awhile 'cos boy, it's been a busy 2011. We rocked & we rolled. We'll let the list speak for itself.

For 2012, it's sailing on to the open seas to discover new horizons as well as to revisit some of our commitments.

Image credit: Mark Lloyd, Panerai Cowes Regatta 2010

For starters, we're making a renewed commitment to post monthly. This time it's going back to basics, rediscovering the one theme that makes our work so much fun: Customer Experience Design.

Why Customer Experience Design?

Someone once said, "Designing a product is designing a relationship." Every product and service is designed for our clients with that in mind. Every channel made available to customers creates an experience of a brand. Customer Experience Design is the stuff that makes designing interfaces, software and processes so exciting. But most importantly with social media and the proliferation of smartphones, the digital gap between customers and businesses is growing smaller every minute. The Internet is far richer and denser than it was before with so many tools and platforms available. It would be foolish to not optimize our digital channels for a richer customer experience.

The entire experience from landing on the website to filling out that form and receiving that email creates a series of moments. Moments of truths. These moments can make or break that relationship. It could mean customers and prospects giving that opportunity or heading to a competitor.

Connecting The Dots

How does XiMnet fit into this picture? After all, we're only a digital agency.

In truth, we too are that customer. We're customers and users of many products and services out there. As we interact with them, we learn that our own behaviours and responses are quite the same as our own clients' customers. We experience first hand the brilliance and pitfalls when using the various digital touchpoints out there: social networks like Twitter and Facebook, e-commerce websites like Amazon, corporate websites, email newsletters and so on and so forth . It makes us work even harder to design better solutions by piecing together these insights to create that lasting relationship on the digital front.

So in the next 12 months, we will share our insights and observations of customer experience designs. Good and bad ones.

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