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Jul 31, 2015

Interview with the Chief Innovation Officer, Law Hui Sheng

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Meet Hui Sheng, our Chief Innovation Officer.

Hui Sheng joined XiMnet since the very beginning of his career life as a software engineer. 10 years later, Hui Sheng is now the Chief Innovation Officer who is actively involved in the Research & Development of XiMnet’s core product, XTOPIA. Hui Sheng reports directly to Chief Software Architect / COO of XiMnet.

"A man with no more problems to solve, is out of the game."

As the head of innovation, Hui Sheng always seek for innovative ideas to deliver better features to serve our clients.

Read more about Hui Sheng through the interview our intern had for our #VoicesFromXiMnet campaign:

How was the beginning of your career in XiMnet Malaysia?
I joined XiMnet Malaysia as a Software Engineer after I graduated. My initial role was to build and maintain websites for clients. Soon, we started developing our proprietary Content Management System which is known as XTOPIA today.

Describe your role in XiMnet. 
Currently I am in the Product Research & Development Team, which focuses on innovating and improving our XTOPIA range of products.

Nonetheless, we are still taking care of the internal IT infrastructure to ensure our team member can work without technical interruption.
I also do photography for clients who need photos for their projects occasionally.

What do you like most about your job? And what is the most challenging about it?
I like to research on new technology that solves our daily lives’ problems. The most challenging part is the implementation of new technology, as it needs to jive with our existing daily operations, as well as our product framework and infrastructure.

Can you share with me what are the trait(s) that you think a CIO should equip with?
The passion to keep learning and solving challenges is very important. I believe that every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow and improve.

What would you like to say/advises to the freshmen in the industry?
When you cannot solve a problem, always take a few steps back and look at it in a different perspective. If it still cannot be solved, reset your mind by doing something else and come back to it later because there is no problem which cannot be solved because it is all about our mindset.

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Jul 24, 2015

Meet our Software Developer, Sansha

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Meet Sansha, one of the Software Developers of the XiMnet team.

Sansha consistently focuses on building digital solutions with her knowledge in programming. With her motto - Keep up or drop out, she constantly pushes herself to the next level in order to deliver her best for the clients.

Let’s read more about what she has to say:

How was the beginning of your career in XiMnet Malaysia?
I came on board three years ago. As a Junior Programmer in my previous company, all I have learnt was to code small-scaled in-house programs but that was not enough. I realized that I was lacking in communication skill which is crucial to in Project Management.  Throughout the years with the help of my colleagues, I have improved tremendously.

In fact, I am still learning every day.

Describe your role in XiMnet. 
Most of my time is dedicated to develop digital solutions for our clients with my knowledge in programming and to be ahead of the game, we research and share knowledge in latest technologies among our team members.

As for my personal time, I pick up other skills such as calligraphy and baking good food because I strongly believe in the importance of living healthily in order to stay in the game.

What do you like most about your job? And what is the most challenging about it?
I like to solve problems.

However, what I find the most challenging is to deliver solutions within a critical timeline. That is always when the power of teamwork comes in. Nothing is impossible when you work with a team who is committed to deliver real results.

Can you share with me what are the habit(s) that you think a good software developer should equip with?
  • Build reusable codes to minimize redundant work
  • Always go back to pen and paper when you are stuck in a problem
  • Be creative in programming and automate whenever possible. It makes your life easier.
If you were given a chance to go back in time and talk to yourself during uni time, what would that be?
Enjoy doing what you like. Learn hard and play hard.

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Jul 17, 2015

An Interview with the Chief Alchemist

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#VoicesFromXiMnet has the pleasure of interviewing Wiley Chin, the Chief Alchemist of XiMnet Malaysia!

Wiley Chin started out as a staff at XIMNET CORP, a Silicon Valley-based startup company in 2000. After two years, and aided somewhat by September 11 and the Dot-Com bust, he bought out the company and set up base in Malaysia with eight staff. The Chief Alchemist is still all-in to achieve the dream he set out to do fifteen years later.

He strives to get the best out of everything he does and together with his team, he aims to build XIMNET into a global brand within the next five years.

Let’s read more about what he has to say:

How did you start being interested in digital marketing? 
I experienced the magic of the Internet one day in 1995. At that time I was still working in a bank. I hooked my PC to a dial-up modem and after I was connected, what I saw blew my mind away. I immediately knew then the Internet was going to take on the world and change it like how electricity has altered our civilization.

With that thought, I began to learn how the Internet works and what I can do with it. One thing leads to another and 20 years later, I’m running a digital agency with digital marketing as one of our service offerings.

What do you think the future will look like? 
The future looks like a sci-fi movie. The only difference is we will be living in it. 

Can you share with me what are the habits that you think a successful digital marketer should have? 
I think the only difference between a traditional marketer and a digital marketer is, the latter needs to be very savvy with the ever changing digital trends.  

What are the key values you see in the digital industry in helping mankind?
The digital age flattens the world. With a hyperlinked world, essentially, knowledge is just a click away. There will be no more boundaries that can permanently restrict the flow of information. If all the people across the world have equal access to the Internet, they will also have access to all the information and knowledge stored in servers across the globe. With just one stroke, the future mankind is irrecoverably altered.  

Being in this industry for almost two decades, what do you have to say to the young people who are joining or already in the industry? 
I like the saying, “There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened.” The Digital Age is just upon us. It has just started. We live at this juncture of our civilization where we can make a huge difference to this world and positively impact our common destiny. Master the tools of the Digital Age and use it to make the world a better place.    

Our Chief Alchemist was interviewed by BFM too. Listen to the podcast here.

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Jul 10, 2015

Meet our Jr Front-end Developer, Simon

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Meet Simon, one of our Web Developers at XiMnet. 

Being a front-end Developer, he works alongside Web Designers and UX Engineers to build websites from scratch. He’s a very down-to-earth person who is willing to help and teach anyone in the team. He believes that teamwork is crucial to make things happen.

Let’s read more about what he has to say:

How long have you been in this industry? Is this your expected career plan when you were still in college/university back then?
I actually wanted to become a Software Engineer after I graduated from university. But after reviewing back all the skills I’ve learned, I feel like I could try being a Web Developer. It has been one and a half year here in XiMnet and I totally love what I am doing now.

What makes your journey in XiMnet special?
I think everyone is here to learn and that should be the priority:  To try, to learn, to gain experience in everything.  I seek knowledge. I believe without knowledge we are nothing.

Describe your role in XiMnet. 
After joining XiMnet, I noticed that everything I do is totally different from what my school has taught me. I’ve started to work intensively in HTML, jQuery and CSS. Other than that, XiMnet has given me many chances in learning different stuff, and now I’m able to pick up more technical skills and also personal skills with my teammates’ help. 
Also, the spirit of ‘Work Hard & Play Hard’ here has never made me feel more thrilled about work.

Despite working in a fast-paced environment, what are the perks of your job?
I have the chance to learn everything. I have a nice and lively workplace environment to work with the whole team. I believe we can go even further. #Teamwork

What do you do to get inspired?
I believe that our environment will give us different inspirations. Sometimes we may lose track of the direction, but remember that after losing direction you can always go back to your mentor. 

I firmly believe that you have to often listen to the views of others, digest advises and critics, reflect yourself for changes are pluses, no minuses.

Advices to freshmen in the industry (Quotes, golden lessons etc)
“Live to learn, not learn to live.”

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Jul 4, 2015

A Brief Interview with, Joe, Project Consultant of XiMnet Malaysia

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Our Intern, Mei Yee, will be conducting a series of interviews with our team members for the next few weeks as part of her mini project, #VoicesFromXiMnet. 

#VoicesFromXiMnet is a series of interviews to feature the people behind XiMnet so that you can  have a better understanding about the industry. These interviews will be posted every Friday from this week onwards, so watch this space!

Read her first interview with Joe, our Project Consultant below.

Today I have the pleasure of conducting a brief interview with Joe, who incidentally was the interviewer for my intern job.

Having been with the team since 2011, Joe has not only participated in the Web Design process together with the Creative team, she has also been engaging our clients to foster good client relationship.

Let's find out more about her journey at XiMnet through a few questions below:

How long have you been in the digital industry? Is this your expected career plan when you were still in college/university back then?

I set myself to become a Print Designer but I was immersed into the digital world as soon as I started my career, which was definitely not part of my plan but by hearing all the great possibilities in digital design, I believe it is an exciting path for me to venture.

What makes your journey in XiMnet special?
XiMnet is a very nurturing environment to discover your skills and of course, your flaws at the same time.

My 4-year journey has given me the opportunity to pick up new technical and personal skills. Every day just gets more exciting.

Describe your role in XiMnet. 
I seek engagements. I believe that explains everything I do in XiMnet.

Despite working in a fast-paced environment, what are the perks of your job?
The opportunity to learn, constant encouragement from everyone and most importantly, the involvement in building better lives through technology together with this team.

What do you do to get inspired?
Read and listen to stories of other people. Anyone. Their adventures, struggles and wisdom inspire me.

Do you have any advice for our fellow freshmen in the industry?
It’s okay to not know enough about yourself but never stop discovering your purpose in this world. Make it worth living.

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