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Jul 4, 2015

A Brief Interview with, Joe, Project Consultant of XiMnet Malaysia

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Our Intern, Mei Yee, will be conducting a series of interviews with our team members for the next few weeks as part of her mini project, #VoicesFromXiMnet. 

#VoicesFromXiMnet is a series of interviews to feature the people behind XiMnet so that you can  have a better understanding about the industry. These interviews will be posted every Friday from this week onwards, so watch this space!

Read her first interview with Joe, our Project Consultant below.

Today I have the pleasure of conducting a brief interview with Joe, who incidentally was the interviewer for my intern job.

Having been with the team since 2011, Joe has not only participated in the Web Design process together with the Creative team, she has also been engaging our clients to foster good client relationship.

Let's find out more about her journey at XiMnet through a few questions below:

How long have you been in the digital industry? Is this your expected career plan when you were still in college/university back then?

I set myself to become a Print Designer but I was immersed into the digital world as soon as I started my career, which was definitely not part of my plan but by hearing all the great possibilities in digital design, I believe it is an exciting path for me to venture.

What makes your journey in XiMnet special?
XiMnet is a very nurturing environment to discover your skills and of course, your flaws at the same time.

My 4-year journey has given me the opportunity to pick up new technical and personal skills. Every day just gets more exciting.

Describe your role in XiMnet. 
I seek engagements. I believe that explains everything I do in XiMnet.

Despite working in a fast-paced environment, what are the perks of your job?
The opportunity to learn, constant encouragement from everyone and most importantly, the involvement in building better lives through technology together with this team.

What do you do to get inspired?
Read and listen to stories of other people. Anyone. Their adventures, struggles and wisdom inspire me.

Do you have any advice for our fellow freshmen in the industry?
It’s okay to not know enough about yourself but never stop discovering your purpose in this world. Make it worth living.

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