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Feb 24, 2015

How To Be Creative

Feb 24, 2015 10:22 AM Posted by XiMnet Malaysia , , ,

To be creative you must first create. We believe the questions is, how? Here are some tips by Anna Vital.

Tip 1: No matter how much you motivate yourself, self-doubt will creep in. The good news is there is a window of opportunity right before it to just get something done.

Tip 2: The brain works by connecting neurons. The more physical connections the better you know something. Of course you can’t hack your brain to physically connect things, but we know that just thinking about how things connect builds those physical neuron connections.

Tip 3: When one thought leads to another and then to another, your mind is just taking you on a tour of how it works. Don’t cut it off just because it’s irrelevant. Maybe that’s a hidden insight you just don’t see yet.

Tip 4: If there are two things you like, put them together. Mixing is creating.

Tip 5: Ask why not and you will often be stumped. There is often no reason not to do something.

Tip 6: One of Einstein’s most famous papers turned out to be completely wrong as far as the science. What it did was get a few people angry enough to try to prove it wrong. They did found out how quantum mechanics really works. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. You probably will be anyway and people might thank you for it.

Tip 7: Waiting for a better time to create is a dead-end. If you want to be scientific about it, time doesn’t actually exist. So you can’t control it. What you can control is what you do with your day today.

Tip 8: Your source of creativity might come from something others think is trivial or even worthless. Free stuff that no one wants may be your creative playground.