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Sep 21, 2013

5 Questions Asked: Software Engineer

Tech geek? Nerd? Gadget Freak? Many assume working as a programmer is boring. But Yap, our Software Engineer, says otherwise. Let’s get to know what he has got to share with you today.

How was the beginning of your career in XiMnet malaysia?

I remember there are QBasic code snippets in my Form 4 Modern Mathematics text book. I was a lazy student, I tried to build application and let the computer solves my math homework. But that didn’t make me interested in programming. Sooner, my first personal webpage was built with Microsoft Frontpage (a WYSIWYG HTML editor).

I like the challenge like adding bulletin board, guest book to the webpage and also cloaking the URL to prevent hot-linking. While all those were accomplished with very little use of HTML & JavaScript programming but since then I have great interest in programming.

A decade has passed and things keep changing. As a programmer in XiMnet Malaysia, I always seek to better techniques for building web applications. Following best practices and building high performance web application is part of my work. Helping people to solve their day to day problem by using programming is my ultimate goal.

Beside your daily work, do you have any hobbies? Please share it with us.

I have great interest in collecting currencies, solving puzzles and watching movies.

Please share five golden lessons you learned to this point.

Always initiate to spend more time with your family and don’t waste your food.

Anything can happen so one must always prepare themselves for new challenges set ahead.

Think and analyse. Everything you do can impact someone else in your life. Always avoid hurting someone while you are trying to get things done your way.

Life is short, seize the moment.

There are two sides to every question, always.

Do you have any heroes? What make them your heroes?

My hero is Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. He is a great leader who always gives support and motivation to other toys. For what he thinks is right, he will do it to the end.

Tell us in one picture how you're feeling about your life right now.

I will still going around to see what is behind the mountain even someone has already told me what it is.

Sep 16, 2013

Understanding Responsive Web Design

If you're aware of the current web design movement, the keyword is "Responsive". But we do encounter peers or clients who do not have an overall understanding of building a responsive website. Here are some important points we have featured in an infographic, hopefully to help you get a clearer picture of how responsive website is done and why it is important.

Sep 12, 2013

Sep 9, 2013

7 Shareable Facebook Posts

Have you ever feel like your Facebook posts are not getting the amount of attention that you wish to have? Or the posts are not giving you the 'viral' effect? Marketo reveals that shareability is all about what the post does to people- it affects them in such a way that they want to share with others. Highly shareable posts do at least one of the following:

GIVE: Offers, discounts, deals or contests that everyone can benefit from, not just one sub-group of your friends.

ADVISE: Tips, especially about problems that everyone encounters; for example, how to get a job or how to beat the flu.

WARN: Warnings about dangers that could affect anyone.

INSPIRE: Inspirational quotes.

AMAZE: Amazing pictures or facts.

UNITE: A post that acts as a flag to carry and a way to brag to others about your membership in a group that’s doing pretty darned good, thank you very much.
AMUSE: Funny pictures and quotes, as long as they’re not offensive to any group- sometimes the humor isn’t quite as strong or edgy- it has to appeal to a general audience.

Sep 8, 2013

Beautiful Food Shots by Vanessa Rees

Sep 8, 2013 7:12 PM Posted by XiMnet Malaysia , , , ,
"I love all kinds of photography but am particularly drawn to food, still life, and lifestyle photography. I’m very passionate about creating beautiful light. It’s not uncommon for me to use up to 8 different light sources for one shot. Although sometimes just 1 or 2 does the trick." ~ Vanessa Rees

Vanessa is one of  the recipients of photography awards such as SAVEUR Magazine’s Best Food Photography and The [Framed] Awards best food photographer.

We have few of her recent project featured here. If you wish to see more, follow her on instagram (@vkress) or visit her website at