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Jun 5, 2013

Creating A Creative Workplace

Your work environment directly influences your mood and ability to generate creative ideas and feasible solutions. Creative workplaces usually have interesting and visually stimulating things throughout the work space. But it's not just that, here are some ideas how to keep your (and your team members) creativity flowing.

1. Allow Play Time!
Play time, outings and fun activities bring the brain into a relaxed phase that is conducive to creative idea generation. Research has shown that positive moods stimulate creativity. It is important to cultivate a fun and positive working environment that supports the flow of creative juices.

What we play in our office? We've got XBOX Kinect, Taboo and nevertheless UNO!

2. Provide Creative Outlets
Providing freedom for creative expression in the workplace is crucial. For instance, let employees decorate their personal work area the way they like it to be. Develop channels for employees to voice their ideas by using an internal blog-sphere or suggestion box. This will encourage employees to share freely their ideas and thoughts.

3. Keep A Criticism-Free Environment
Criticism or cynical attitudes kills creativity. Responses like – “This is ridiculous” or “This has never been done before!” and other similar comments emanate from closed and rigid minds. Resistance can destroy ideas and stifle creative culture, and should be avoided.