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Jun 10, 2013

5 Minutes with The Markup Engineer

Does the designation sounds rather unusual? We manage to have a quick chat with Melvin, to understand more what he does and other interesting facts about this team member of ours. We hope his story will inspire you too!

How was it like for you the beginning of your career as a Markup Engineer?

Markup Engineer is a very exciting and challenging job as you are taking a design and making it into a functional website. At the same time you are also adding in motion, sound, and other elements to enrich the user experience when visiting a website.

The word Markup Engineer originated from HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It is not limited to writing HTML codes, it also includes CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, and also creating CMS (Content Management System) Templates. On top of that, as a Markup Engineer, have to be keen on Usability, Accessibility and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site.

Tell us how your daily routine is like at work.

The Creative Department will normally design the website, and the Programmers will create the applications. My role will be taking the design and making it to a workable website and making the applications to have the same design as suggested by the Creative Department.

On top of that (here comes the fun part), I animate the website. By using CSS and jQuery, I have banner fade in and out changing to other images. Making cool menu drop down, information boxes appear when user clicks on a button, and improving user experience for users when they visit the website.

What do you like to spend time doing besides HTML 5, CCS 3 and jQuery?

Reading Manga, Watching Anime, and Playing Ingress (Resistance – Agent ID: wolfflow)
Tell us 5 key lessons you have encountered in your life and who it impacts you.

Dare to dream – dare to challenge daily routines in making thing better.

A dream without actions stays a dream – after having a dream, without extra effort you will still be normal.

Friend and family are important – friends and family can support you in your darkest time, always have them close by.

There’s always a way – there always a solution to everything.

Ask the right question – if you can’t find a solution to the solution, try rephrasing the question.

Never give up – if your solution can’t fix the problem, then you succeeded in finding a way that could not work, you only fail when you stop trying.
Do you have any heroes? Why them?

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy. Source:
My hero will be Cloud Strife (From Final Fantasy VII). He has been fighting his own battle/ problem alone without involving his friends as he does not want to burden anyone. But he soon realizes that, he should learn how to trust his friends and their capabilities so that he could focus on his main problem/battle without distraction.

I think that a person might be great alone, but with great friends, a person can overcome the anything, and share the joy together. Learn to TRUST.