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Feb 21, 2014

e-Marketing: Check Before You Hit Send

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, even the same errors over and over again. We too, know no one likes to receive poorly-presented newsletter with uninteresting content.

Here are few things you are encouraged to do before sending out an e-newsletter to ensure your readers will not categorize you as a spam but to ask for more.

Getting The Content Right

  1. Have you summarized your content with the right essence?
  2. Is your content in bite size?
  3. Does your tone matches your creative direction?
  4. Are the titles capitalized?

Basic Quick Checks

  1. Is your logo linking to the right place?
  2. Have you spell-checked?
  3. Have someone proof read the newsletter?
  4. Are all links going to the correct articles?
  5. Is the newsletter loading property on various devices?

Yes to all? Your newsletter is ready to fly!