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Sep 1, 2015

My Internship in XiMnet Malaysia

Sep 1, 2015 6:04 PM Posted by Meiyee Lai , , ,

This week marks my last week of internship in XiMnet.

Three months passed way faster than I thought it would be, but long enough for me to get to know everyone here and immerse into the warm and positive workplace culture.

I am a Year 3 Media and Creative Studies student. My major covers syllabus such as advertising and marketing in main media. With the little exposure in the digital marketing in university, I have decided to challenge myself and dive into this exciting industry to learn new things.

During my interview in XiMnet, I told Joe, my supervisor, that I was not sure how I could utilize my knowledge in the digital industry yet I was given the opportunity to learn about the industry, with the guidance of everyone here.

I was guided in the process of updating our client websites, social media engagement, e-broadcasting, building responsive websites and the list goes on. I was also given a chance to participate in the process of creating a website from pitch to execution.All in three months!

On top of that, XiMnet has also allowed me to run personal projects like #XiMternSharing, #VoicesFromXiMnet, and building a microsite!
Now that I am leaving soon, I feel more prepared for the future.

I thank XiMnet for the valuable experience and all the memorable time spent with the team. I thank my supervisors, Joe, Inez, and all my seniors for guiding me throughout my entire internship.

The lucky intern joined the company trip to Penang during her third week of internship

Food treats in the office!

Picking up calligraphy lettering skill from the seniors on Thursdays

Got flowers from the sweet colleagues!